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Startup Optimizer comprehensively identifies, classifies and disables many new types of modern bloatware from launching and running without your knowledge.

Tune-up Definitions draw upon a well-established database of over 30,000 Windows programs and processes to report to you items launching at startup as either:


This highly granulated classification allows you to make the most informed decision on whether to allow specific apps to launch. 

In addition, the new Startup Optimizer:  

·         Allows you to make finely-tuned, informed decisions on which apps should and should not launch at startup 

·         Community Recommendations advise you as to what the majority of other users are leaving on or turning off 

·         Performance Impact Data for each item lets you really see what the major culprits are  

·         Delayed Start option keeps boot time speedy without affecting items you don’t want to disable 

·         Advanced grid sorting allows you to view items grouped by importance, current startup status and more




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