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Many Windows 10 users are surprised and concerned by Microsoft’s aggressively ramped-up personal data collection and sharing services. Because these services now default to ON, go largely undetected, and are difficult to disable, iolo engineers created a suite of features under Privacy Shield that enable users to deactivate them easily from one convenient wizard. 

Privacy Shield includes: 

Disable Personal data collecting and reporting (Microsoft Data Collection and Telemetry Services) 

·         One click turns off services that automatically record many user habits and actions, including memory snapshots, program usage, system configuration, network connection and more. 

·         Before Privacy Shield, these services could not be fully disabled without modifying the registry if users followed the default Windows 10 installation process.  

Disable Wi-Fi sharing with your contacts (Wi-Fi Sense Service)

 ·         When users allow network sharing, this service stores their encrypted Wi-Fi passwords on a Microsoft server and then shares them with all Outlook, Skype, and Facebook contacts. Disable this service with one click from within the wizard.  

Disable browser history tracking and phishing blocker (SmartScreen Service)

 ·         One click also disables this service that collects data on browsing history and sends this information to Microsoft.

Disable internet bandwidth sharing for updates (Windows Update Delivery Optimization)

·         This broadband-hogging user-to-user service forces your PC to share Windows updates with other users. Sluggish browsing, streaming and gaming were too often the result until iolo engineers came to the rescue with this newest addition to Privacy Shield.



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