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Malware Killer

Find and Destroy Existing Malware Malware Killer is the nuclear option that finds and removes dangerous malware from already-infected computers.

Malware Killer is unique among malware remediation software because it uses proprietary Scan CloudTM-based scanning and analysis, enabled by its own carefully developed heuristics algorithm to dramatically reduce detection time for brand new outbreaks.

This method allows Malware Killer to continually add to a vast “reputation database,” and even detect previously unknown threats.
Whenever Malware Killer finds suspicious samples, it sends them to the Scan Cloud Sandbox where they are safely analyzed, after which the malware detection engine is immediately made all the more powerful.

Malware Killer then shares this increased detectability with all of its users, even on machines where the Scan Cloud functionality is turned off.
Advanced, on-demand malware removal features:  Cloud-based malware analysis and remediation  Eradicates newest types of malware  Fast detection time for latest threat outbreaks
Your AV protection is like the pest traps that keep invaders out.

Malware Killer is the home visit from the Exterminator.

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