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Thank you for purchasing System Mechanic®

Since 1998, iolo is dedicated to one goal: to ensure that your PC is performing like new. It is our pleasure to welcome new users of our products, and would like to express our thanks to the tens of millions of people who have been with us a customer for years. We are grateful for the fact that you've selected the products from iolo Technologies.

Today, our software is no longer available on CD / DVD, but only available as a download. The advantage is that the customer has access to the latest version.

System Requirements

Using System Mechanic® requires a PC with

?         Windows® 10, 8, 8.1, or 7 x86/64

?         Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later

?         Minimum 512 MB RAM (optimal 2 GB)

?         35 MB of available hard disk space

?         Internet connection (required for license activation)

?         Logged in with your Windows “Administrator” User Account

Installing from the download

1.) You download System Mechanic from our website

Or directly from the following Link :

2.) If the taskbar appears, click “Save” (opslaan)

3.) Next click "Run " ( uitvoeren)

4.) Installation Manager starts and please click “Next”

 5.) Here the directory is determined that System Mechanic is installed. It is recommended to leave the setting as standing and click Next.


6.) Please then click Install

 7.) System Mechanic is being installed. If you have already an existing previous it will be automatically  removed.

8.)The installation is complete. You must click Finish.

9.) System Mechanic will now analyze your computer

10.) After the analysis, System Mechanic ask for the activation code

11.) Please key in the activation- / license key

Getting Started with System Mechanic

You can start System Mechanic by clicking on the desktop to the System Mechanic icon. Once loaded the home page of System Mechanic will be displayed. This page provides access to all tools within the program. We recommend that you start with performing an analysis of your computer.


Getting help


In the software help file you will find for each function instructions and detailed information.


  Opening help file:


• Go to the menu "? and click on System Mechanic Help.


• For more information about a specific task you can search by topic
Help file

You can find knowledgebase articles, tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions available on the iolo website.

Of course we have our online support contact forms from wheren you can e-mail directly the  European technical support team of iolo.
Please contact us through;

Kind regards

Iolo Europe support team



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